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Volunteer to Help at the Victor Valley Rescue Mission


Merry Christmas


Featured Story of Hope


Real Food!

It was over two years ago that I first came to the Victor Valley Rescue Mission for food. It was then that I began to sense that these people had some food that was not natural: something that brought joy and wholeness that I truly wanted. Since that time, I entered the Life Recovery Program (LRP), graduated, began volunteering at the mission, engaged in a local church, and became an intern. More than all that, I began a relationship with Jesus Christ and my view of this life, and of God, is entirely new.

During my time as a student in LRP, I was able to do vocational training at the mission, the farmer’s market, community events, and the mobile food pantry. It was a terrific time of learning about the difficulties facing the homeless and the struggling in the high desert, to apply what we were learning in practical ways, and to begin to see through the eyes of Jesus. Following graduation, I continued to volunteer at the mission in community services, but my focus began to be the mobile food pantry. This became a perfect setting to share that other food the guests were unaware of.

At the pantry, while we sign in guests, prepare food boxes, and talk, I find opportunity to share brief messages from the Word, hand out free Bibles, and to love them with His love. It is through this combination of addressing practical needs and remaining sensitive to the spiritual cries of our guests that we make a lasting impression. It is not just a privilege, but also a passion for me to share with our guests about Jesus and to live as an example for Him.

Now, as I continue in this walk with Jesus, and eat spiritual food through His Word and the revelation of Who He is, I am always full and I am always hungry. I have a tremendous peace in relationship and yet I hunger to know Him more fully and to fulfill His purposes for my life. From experience, I know that many of our guests have that same deep hunger that they cannot explain. And now, I have the answer for that hunger. ~ Mike


Give them a Christmas They will NEVER Forget!



Mission / Vision

The Victor Valley Rescue Mission offers a wide range of life changing treatment programs that address the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. We offer services free of charge to the poor and needy in our community.

Our Mission

With the support of our community, we offer: 
 – Food, shelter, and clothing for those in need. 
Recovery – Biblically based programs to minister to the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. 
 – Equipping people to lead productive and independent lives.

Our Vision

  • Clients seek us out.
  • Donors prefer to give to us.
  • Employees are proud to work for us.
  • Volunteers are eager to serve with us.
  • Customers enjoy shopping with us.